Evaluation Services

At Geo Education & Research we can develop and manage all aspects of evaluations, but we often work with programs and organizations to do part of the work or help them develop the skills and resources to manage evaluations themselves.  Here is a partial list of services.

  • Teaching and training (see sample syllabus)
  • Coaching (helping people learn and conduct evaluations themselves)
  • Helping programs plan evaluations and frame and communicate their missions and approaches using:
    • Logic models and
    • Theories of change
  • Planning and managing stakeholder involvement
  • Developing and managing outcome-based strategic planning processes
  • Writing evaluation sections for grant proposals
  • Evidenced-based process evaluation
  • Outcome-based evaluation
  • Evaluation planning and management
  • Data collection tool design, review and testing
  • Reviewing (tools, processes, data, reports)
  • Data collection
    • Quantitative (e.g., surveys, checklists, field studies)
    • Qualitative (e.g., interviews, focus groups, observations)
    • Needs assessments
    • Case studies
    • Ethnographies
    • Content analysis
  • Data storage and management
  • Complete online data collection and management
  • Data analysis
  • Data reporting
  • Use of data for program improvement
  • Use of data for program accountability
  • Use of data for program marketing
  • Use of data for improving the evaluation process and evolving toward the development of a learning organization

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